COVID-19 Updates

*** No restrictions, recommendations only ***

COVID Update - as at 11 June 2023

Welcome and thanks!

We love having you with us and want to ensure that everyone who attends feels welcome, safe and included.


Everyone attending our facilities over the last 3 years of the COVID pandemic has complied with grace and cooperation with all the restrictions that have been imposed on us. In some instances, we have erred on the side of caution to demonstrate our genuine love and concern for one another. We make no apology for this. We are a high risk environment and give priority to caring for others.


A number of people are choosing to stay away from services and events because of the high risk to them, and of course none of us can come if we are unwell. To maintain connections, we have been recording and making available the whole Sunday morning service online as well as live streaming. You can also download the sermon text from the website. Continue in prayer for each other as we all negotiate the various courses of action we need to take.

Remember! Covid is still around. Please stay away if you or someone in your household has Covid. The transmission risk is high. The reference point for recommendations is the SA Health website.


Mask wearing

The government mandate on wearing masks indoors was lifted on 14 April 2022. However, it has been demonstrated that masks are a very effective way of limiting the spread of COVID. COVID is in the community and with the easing of restrictions more and more people will become infected. Wearing a mask protects the other person from infection from you; if you don’t wear a mask you are at greater risk.


A number of people who come to Grange Baptist Church would suffer serious consequences if infected with COVID. Out of concern for them and the general health of the community it is recommended that we all continue to wear masks when we gather at the church, especially at larger gatherings that are open to the public, and especially for extended times.

As there is no government mandate on the wearing of masks, we are not insisting on this, but we respectfully ask that you consider others in this matter.


There is no government mandate for vaccinations and we have no requirements.

However, for your protection and that of others, we strongly recommend vaccinations.


Morning tea

Barista coffee before, and morning tea/coffee after, the Sunday morning service, are available.


We still need to follow good hygiene practices at all times.

Ventilation, seating, distancing, and hand sanitising.

Good ventilation helps reduce the transmission of the disease so we are endeavouring to have windows and doors open, and the air conditioning on. This may mean you will have to wear an extra layer during the winter!

Seating spacing has been extended to assist in distancing.

Distancing, hugging, kissing - the risk hasn't changed. Decisions on these are up to you but please be aware of others who may have a different view.

Sanitising hand sanitiser is available in the foyer for your use throughout your time on the premises. Use it as often as you like.

Cleaning – surfaces will continue to be sprayed after use.


Remember – we are still a high risk environment and committed to caring for one another



We thank God for His protection so far and pray we all know His blessing as we continue to prioritise care for each other.