Life Groups

Life Groups are the hub of our church.

Life Groups at Grange Baptist

Life Groups are small communities of people who share life together and are intentional about discipleship, mission and mutual pastoral support. We believe that through being transformed by God’s Word, encouraged by His people and empowered through His Spirit we can fulfill His purpose for our lives. Life Groups meet regularly for worship, Bible study, sharing, service and prayer. All the people of the Church are connected to a Life Group and there is always space for more. For more information about when they meet please check out our calendar or contact the office.


As well as Life Groups there are other opportunities to be encouraged in your Christian faith. There are study and prayer groups, Alpha courses, parenting and marriage courses, and seminars covering particular issues when needed. We are keen to ensure that all of us have every opportunity to find out more about Jesus and are growing in our relationship with Him.

Pastoral Care

We believe the primary and best place for effective pastoral care is in the context of our Life Groups. However, the church provides other resources as needed.


Supporting each member in the places where they have been called and doing mission and serving together are two ways in which Life Groups enable mission. We believe there is nothing more exciting than being privileged to help someone else come to know Jesus. Through our Life Groups this can be effectively encouraged and is part of our wider commitment to the local community. We also run courses like Alpha to help others explore what it may mean for them to get to know God.

As well as local mission, we as a Church are committed to partnering with people in other places and cultures who share our desire to see God transform lives. In particular these include: Global Interaction, Baptist World Aid, Baptist Care and the Aborigional Berean Christian Community.

Group times and contacts

Our Life Groups meet throughout the week primarily in people’s homes. We have groups that meet on most days of the week and times of day. Some groups are inclusive of children, some are more suitable for the more mature. There is bound to be a group for you. If you would like to join a group or find out more please let us know using the form below.

Life Groups as at July 2023 are:

Sunday - Fortnightly - 12.30 pm at the Church, leader Alan Turland

Weekly with dinner - 5 pm at the Church , leader Mark Foley - for Young Adults

Monday - Weekly - 6.30 pm at Grange, contact person Andrew Sweet

Tuesday - Fortnightly - 6.30 pm at Alberton, leader Mark Foley

Tuesday - Fortnightly - 7 pm at West Lakes Shore & zoom, leader Peter Phillips

Wednesday - Fortnightly - 2 pm at Semaphore Park, leader Bill Walker

Wednesday - Weekly - 6.30 pm at the Church, leader Blaire Ringwaldt

Wednesday - Fortnightly 2nd and 4th - 7.30 pm at Grange, leader Rajan Cherian

Thursday - Weekly -1 pm at Henley Beach, leader Keith Rainsford (at Tillsleys)

Thursday - Weekly - 7.30 pm at the Church, leader Adrian and Jill Hinton

And various small groups for Young Poeple, women and men also occur during the week


For more information: Contact Mark Foley, Senior Pastor – 0414 431956        

NOTE: the information you share with us is confidential and we will never sell or disclose it to anyone outside of our direct team members.