Staff and Leaders

Say hello to the leadership team at Grange Baptist Church

Meet our leadership

The staff team at Grange Baptist Church includes Mark, Sally, John, Ross and Michael.

Pastor Mark

Mark has been married to Robyn for over 39 years and they have 10 children (although there is a story about this, so feel free to ask them!) and 8 grandchildren. Only 2 children remain at home so life is relatively peaceful until they all decide to drop in at once! Mark has been a pastor for over 30 years in 4 different churches. Beginning as a youth pastor he is now in his third church as Senior Pastor, having commenced at Grange in 2013. Mark is passionate about helping people find their place, know they are loved and accepted and are given every opportunity to discover how good life can be when you follow Jesus. Mark is committed to helping the church experience and express the love of God for all, including those who live around us and with whom we connect. Mark also works 1 day a week for the wider Baptist Family helping to support pastors.

Sally - Children and Families

Sally is mum to 5 children and Nanna to 1 and loves God as well as running, laughing and spending time with people. Sally has been helping the church be inclusive of children, encouraging Christian families as they nurture the faith of their children and for us all to do whatever we can to help other families in this community discover how good it is to know Jesus. Sally is passionate about helping all families of this community flourish.

Sally's working days at the church are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

John - Youth and Young Adults

John married his sweetheart Amy in 2020 during COVID restrictions and is currently working as an SSO as while also looking after the youth and young adults who connect with our variety of activities. John loves God, sport (in particular Ultimate Frisbee - if you don’t know about it please ask him!) and people. He loves to hang out with his leaders, the other young adults and the young people themselves. So if you have a young person aged from 12 to 25 I am sure John would like to get to know them. John helps facilitate our Sunday evening young adult Bible studies which commence at 5 pm (on all but the third Sunday of each month). While the formal program concludes around 6 they often go on much later as people catch up and encourage one another.

Ross - Grange Life

Ross has 3 grown children. He has been following Jesus for all his life and always been passionate about helping the Church better engage with and serve the community. Ross is actively enagaged with the local community and is keen to help us all do so more effectively. Ross has a particular passion to encourage men and would love to catch up if you would like to know more.

Michael - Office Manager

Michael is our Administrative Ministry Leader, married to Magdelena with 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren who are his joy and delight. Michael loves others and has an ability to listen which many appreciate. More significantly is his love for God. Through his own experience and how he has seen God work in others’ lives Michael knows that there is nothing better than experiencing God’s love, restoration and forgiveness. It is completely transformative and he is convinced that if only everyone could get to know God as he has done their life would be turned upside down.